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C-type push-pull negative pressure fan

name:C-type push-pull negative pressure fan




time:2017-2-8 15:34:59

          C-type push-pull negative pressure fan

antistopC-type push-pull negative pressure fanA: product recommendation
The th-c series fans produced by our company have passed the inspection of the agricultural engineering laboratory of the ministry of agriculture and shandong provincial agricultural machinery testing station, and obtained the CE safety certificate of the European Union, which is a product of stable quality in China.
◆ low investment and low energy consumption.
With the same cooling rate, the one-time investment is about one-sixth of the air conditioner and the operating cost is about one-tenth of the air conditioner.
◆ cooling effect is significant, can reduce the temperature to about 28 degrees and human body temperature, if the water with Wells as a water tank source effect is better, can compare with the effect of air conditioning.
◆ the air is fresh and moist.

B: product features
◆ frame: adopt advanced automatic processing technology, one time forming, extra thick galvanized layer (150 g/m2), highly corrosion-resistant, bottom with drain.
Belt pulley: aviation aluminum alloy v-shaped hub, hot-pressed casting, light material, high strength, good toughness, no fracture.
◆ fan blade: 6 pieces of new one-time stamping stainless steel fan blade, no deformation, no fracture, beautiful and durable.
After dynamic balance test, the machine has a reasonable blade Angle, which ensures the atmospheric flow and produces very low noise.
◆ louver: high strength hot galvanized sheet, with unique louver automatic opening device (push pull close mechanism);
Make sure the louvers are fully open and closed.

◆ louver push pull close mechanism: made of industrial nylon injection molding with excellent toughness, high strength and long life;
The guide bar is inlaid with metal sheet, which increases the strength of the guide bar and enhances the reliability and service life of the open and closed mechanism.
◆ motor: double support (E) belt drive, equipped with high efficiency and energy saving motor, national standard, 3C certification, protection grade: IP54, insulation grade: F.
◆ belt: imported b-type belt, no deformation, long life;
Free from maintenance throughout life cycle.
◆ belt tensioner: aluminum magnesium alloy material, mold forming bracket, no deformation, strong service life, the use of the inner belt tensioning, effectively avoid the belt phase distortion, ensure the normal service life of the triangle belt.
◆ testing: strict quality testing procedures: noise testing, vibration testing, rotating concentric performance testing, wind blade speed testing, air volume testing, machine efficiency testing.
C: product application
◆ for ventilation: installed outside the window of the workshop, generally choose the lower air outlet, to exhaust air, out of odor gas;
General chemical plant and other applications more.
◆ with the use of wet curtain: used for workshop cooling hot summer, no matter how hot your workshop, the wet curtain - negative pressure fan system can let your workshop temperature drop about 8-10℃, and there is a certain degree of humidity.
◆ scope of application of negative pressure fan
A, suitable for high temperature or smell of the workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastic plant, aluminum plant, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplate factory, various chemical plants.
B. It is applicable to labor-intensive enterprises, such as garment factories, various assembly workshops and Internet cafes.
C. Ventilation and cooling of greenhouse and livestock farm.
D. it is especially suitable for places that need cooling and certain humidity.
Such as cotton spinning factory, wool spinning factory, hemp spinning factory, weaving factory, chemical fiber factory, warp knitting factory, adding bullet factory, knitting factory, silk weaving factory, hosiery factory and so on all kinds of textile factory.
E. applicable to warehousing and logistics
◆ for the exhaust fan: the current general exhaust fan (commonly known as yanggu fan) performance is poor, an exhaust fan blowing less than a few people, negative pressure fan is not, whether it is put on the ground or hanging in the air with.
Workshop of 1000 square metre USES 4 commonly, have full house namely the effect that the wind blows.
Technical parameters of TH-C push-pull negative pressure fan:

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