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Type A Fan Double Hundred Pages Negative Pressure Fan

name:Type A Fan Double Hundred Pages Negative Pressure Fan




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Type A Fan Double Hundred Pages Negative Pressure Fan

Key words: A-type fan double-hundred-page negative pressure fan
A: Product Recommendation
The TH-A series fans manufactured by our company have passed the testing of the Agricultural Engineering Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of China and Shandong Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station, and obtained the CE safety certificate of the European Union, which is a product of stable quality in China.
Low investment and low energy consumption. With the same refrigeration rate, one-time investment is about one-sixth of air conditioning and operation cost is about one-tenth of air conditioning.
The cooling effect is remarkable. It can reduce the temperature to about 28 degrees, which is consistent with the human body temperature. If the water from the well is used as the source of the water tank, the cooling effect is better than that of the air conditioning.
The air is fresh and humid.
Low price, high performance-price ratio.
B: Product characteristics
_Frame, outer frame and shutter are manufactured by NC automatic processing technology. The material is galvanized sheet without galvanizing flower (produced by Angang). The galvanized layer is thicker, with strong corrosion resistance and durability.
_Fan blade: The fan blade is formed by one-time stamping with galvanized sheet material and is calibrated by a precise dynamic balancing machine.
◆ louver: the louver is designed as built-in type, and the connector is made of high-strength plastic steel material, which is closed tightly and has a long service life of flexible opening and closing;
Motor: 380V/220V high performance 3C certified national standard motor.
_Performance: The main features of this series of fans are large air volume, low noise, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, convenient maintenance and low cost, which can be used normally in the harsh environment of damp and corrosive gases.
C: Product Application
For air pumping and ventilation: Installed outside the window of the workshop, the lower air outlet and outward air pumping are generally selected to extract odorous gases; general chemical plants are widely used.
_Cooperate with wet curtain: Used as workshop cooling in hot summer, no matter how hot your workshop is, wet curtain-negative pressure fan system can reduce the temperature of your workshop by about 8-10 degrees, and has a certain humidity.
_Application Scope of Negative Pressure Fan
A. Suitable for high temperature or smelly workshops: heat treatment plants, castings plants, plastics plants, aluminium profiles plants, shoe factories, leather factories, electroplating factories, and various chemical factories.
B. Suitable for labor-intensive enterprises, such as garment factories, assembly workshops and Internet cafes.
C. Horticultural greenhouse greenhouse ventilation cooling, livestock farm cooling.
D. It is especially suitable for places that need cooling and certain humidity. Such as cotton mill, wool mill, hemp mill, weaving mill, chemical fiber mill, warp knitting mill, texturing mill, knitting mill, silk mill, socks mill and other textile mills.
E. Applicable to Warehousing Logistics
Technical parameters of TH-A double-hundred-page negative pressure fan:

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