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Fans for high-grade cowshed

name:Fans for high-grade cowshed




time:2017-2-8 15:46:17

        Fans for high-grade cowshed

Key words: cowshed fan
JFD-1000NS/1100NL cowshed fan
Product Recommendation:
JFD-N series of high-grade cowshed fans produced by our company have passed the testing of the Agricultural Engineering Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of China and Shandong Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station, and obtained the CE safety certificate of the European Union, which is a product of stable quality in China.
Product characteristics:
The outer frame is made by NC automatic processing technology, advanced CAD design, thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance and durability.
The fan blades are calibrated by advanced computer dynamic balance tester, which makes the fan run smoothly, reduces noise, enhances stability and prolongs service life.
It has large air volume, no distortion, continuous cracking, no hanging ash, light weight and easy installation.
Reasonable design ideas and production technology make it more convenient to use.
Configuration of energy-saving motor, national standard, through 3C certification, protection level: IP54, insulation level: F; light weight, low current, high torque.
Six strict quality detection procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotating concentric performance detection, wind blade speed detection, wind volume detection, efficiency detection of the whole machine.

    Front of four-leaf direct-connected cowshed fan                     Four-leaf straight-connected cowshed fan back


   Front of six-leaf direct-connected cowshed fan                               Six-leaf straight-connected cowshed fan back

  Product applications:
This product is widely used in animal husbandry and breeding sites, with good cooling effect and strong ventilation and ventilation capacity.

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