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Louver-type wind-closing fan

name:Louver-type wind-closing fan




time:2017-2-8 15:51:12

Louver-type wind-closing fan

Key words: horn mouth fan (shutter type)
Product characteristics:
Reasonable bell mouth design, increase the air pumping force, large air volume, strong air pumping force, stable exhaust volume;
All stainless steel production, beautiful appearance;
Imported B-belt, no distortion, long service life; free from maintenance throughout the service life.
Double-support (E-type) belt drive, equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving motor, national standard, through 3C certification, protection level: IP54, insulation level: F; small wind resistance, good sealing, high efficiency;
Perfectly strengthen the shape design of the fan, with large air volume, no distortion and continuous cracking;
Fan bearings are imported double row bearings, special waterproof design, so that water can not enter the bearing, high strength, low noise, long life, maintenance-free;
The fan blades are calibrated by advanced computer dynamic balance tester, which makes the fan run smoothly, reduces noise, enhances stability and prolongs service life.
CNC fluidized production, accurately grasp product quality, quality assurance.
Product application
For air pumping and ventilation: Installed outside the window of the workshop, the lower air outlet and the outward air pumping are generally selected to extract odorous gases, which are widely used in general chemical plants.
Cooperate with the use of wet curtain: Used as workshop cooling in hot summer, no matter how hot your workshop is, wet curtain-negative pressure fan system can reduce the temperature of your workshop by about 8-10 degrees, and has a certain humidity.
Application scope of negative pressure fan:
Suitable for high temperature or smelly workshop: such as heat treatment plant, castings factory, plastic factory, aluminium profile factory, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, various chemical plants.
It is suitable for labor-intensive enterprises, such as garment factories, various assembly workshops and Internet cafes.
Horticultural greenhouse greenhouse ventilation cooling, livestock farm cooling.
Especially suitable for places that need cooling and humidity. Such as cotton mill, wool mill, linen mill, weaving mill, chemical fiber mill, warp knitting mill, elasticity factory, knitting mill, silk mill, hosiery factory and other textile factories.
Suitable for Warehousing Logistics
For exhaust fans: At present, the general exhaust fans (commonly known as grain fans) have poor efficiency. One exhaust fan can not blow several people, but the negative pressure fan is not, whether it is used on the ground or hanging in the air. Generally, 4 units are used in 1000 square meters workshop, that is, the effect of wind blowing is all over the room.
Technical parameters of bell mouth blower (louver type):

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