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Chicken house light shield

name:Chicken house light shield




time:2017-2-8 16:00:43

Key words: chicken house light shield
Chicken house light shield
_Injection moulding, non-glare PVC material refined. Durable, sun-resistant, chemical-resistant, high-pressure clean;
_Reasonable design, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation, can be assembled according to user requirements of different sizes, greatly reduce and control the light exposure;
_The outer frame material has stainless steel outer frame and galvanized plate outer frame.
Ventilation-resistant henhouse is a shading henhouse for new hens. In order to make the performance of new hens, it is necessary to control the light intensity and daily light hours accurately. The goal is to limit the daily light hours of new hens to 8-10 hours until about 20 weeks of age. At 20 weeks of age, this light scheme is adopted to enable new hens to reach sexual maturity at the appropriate time and stimulate them. Start laying eggs.

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