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Henhouse windows

name:Henhouse windows




time:2017-2-8 16:04:13

      Henhouse windows

Key words: chicken house windshield
Henhouse windows
1. Shape size: 600 mm long, 330 mm wide and 170 mm high
2. This product is suitable for large-scale chicken farm, as ventilation equipment in chicken house, effectively reduce the temperature in chicken house, alleviate the stuffy heat in chicken house, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.
3. It can be directly installed in the reserved window of the side wall of the chicken house;
4. Ventilation windows are made of high quality engineering plastic moulds, which are UV resistant and anti-aging, and have long service life.
5. Protection net: Closed, reasonable structure, flexible opening, effectively prevent birds and insects from entering.
6. Inside is filled with 20 mm polystyrene insulation board, which can effectively prevent the heat emission in winter.
7. Pulley: Patented design, rolling friction when opening and closing, small resistance, easy switch;
8. Reset spring: High quality stainless steel spring, durable rust.
9. Windscreen operation: the operator observes the negative pressure gauge of the chicken house, manually operates the winch until the set value of the pressure gauge is reached, or is controlled by the operator based on experience.
10. A group of intake windows can be opened from three angles at the same time, which makes ventilation more reasonable.
11. Small opening of the intake window near the fan and large opening away from the fan to achieve uniform ventilation

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