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Coal-fired warmer with water heating and hot air

name:Coal-fired warmer with water heating and hot air

brand: 天汇



time:2017-2-8 16:25:26


Key words: water heating and hot air dual-purpose coal-fired heater
JML-D Coal-fired Warmer with Water Warming and Hot Air
_Heating area 600-1200-1500 square meters
_New design, using JNS acid-proof board material, durable, long life.
On the basis of heating by water heating, the hot air system is added, and the reasonable pipeline design makes it have no heating dead angle, increases the heating area, and makes the heating speed faster.
_Coal saving, high efficiency, high thermal efficiency. Coal has a wide range of applications, bituminous coal and anthracite can be used to solve the shortcomings of other products only burning anthracite.
Reasonable design, uniform air supply to combustion chamber, full combustion of fuel, maximum energy saving and easy operation.
High degree of automation, no smoke and dust pollution, full use of energy.
The noise is very small and the hot air transmission is far away.
It has the characteristics of compact structure, practicality, safety, energy saving, labor saving and clean environment.
_A multi-purpose machine, injecting cold air to start the fan in summer, can achieve the same effect as ground temperature air conditioning.
Technical data of main engine of heating machine for poultry house in water heating greenhouse:

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