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JSM-A Water-heated Coal-fired Heater

name:JSM-A Water-heated Coal-fired Heater




time:2017-2-8 16:31:27

          JSM-A Water-heated Coal-fired Heater

Key words: JSM-A water-heated coal-fired heater
_New design, using JNS acid-proof board material, durable, long life.
_Coal is widely used, bituminous coal, anthracite, lump coal, bulk coal can be used, users can close to coal preparation, saving investment.
_Furnace capacity is large, cylindrical combustion chamber, upper coal feeding port, adding a coal can be continuously burned for 6-12 hours.
Compulsory combustion of coal-fired combustion system consisting of smoke duct induced draft fan makes it burn more thoroughly, smoke exhaust more smoothly, and there is no blockage phenomenon.
_Water heating is heating fast. The unique design of the spiral tube heating technology developed by our factory combined with the split-fire and back-fire can maximize the heating area, increase the heating speed of the equipment and improve the thermal efficiency.
◆ the air heating and energy-saving dust removal, the flue heater composed of spiral fin heat pipe and fan, has the dual functions of coal saving and dust removal. The waste heat generated by the boiler is dissipated by the flue heater again, and is removed after dust removal, so the effect of energy saving and environmental protection is better. This machine can be installed in any position in the house.
_Mute design, the heat exchanger of the air-heating part uses low-pressure fan, no noise pollution.
_Maintenance is simple. Opening the four bolts of the upper cover and the lower exhaust pipe, the smoke pipe can be cleaned directly, which saves time and labor and is convenient for maintenance.
_Improvement of automatic control, manual delay control of water heater fan and pump is changed to automatic control of water temperature. Water heater fan has the phenomenon of exhaust cooling air, which makes the operation easier.
High degree of automation, no smoke and dust pollution, full use of energy.
_A multi-purpose machine, injecting cold air to start the fan in summer, can achieve the same effect as ground temperature air conditioning.
Technical data of main engine of heating machine for poultry house in water heating greenhouse:

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