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Gas Carbon Dioxide Generator

name:Gas Carbon Dioxide Generator




time:2017-2-8 16:40:35

         Gas Carbon Dioxide Generator

Carbon dioxide generator
In recent years, greenhouse (greenhouse) has been widely used to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops in China. Plants grown in greenhouses or greenhouses are isolated from the outside atmosphere, which can increase the temperature in the greenhouses in winter, and is conducive to the accelerated growth of plants. But at the same time, there are two disadvantageous factors: one is to reduce the solar transmittance, the other is to affect the gas exchange with the outside world. Sealed indoors, the continuous consumption and reduction of carbon dioxide gas, vegetable greenhouse itself can not produce carbon dioxide gas, can not supplement the need for carbon dioxide photosynthesis, so that the carbon dioxide is extremely scarce, vegetable in a semi-dormant state, low yield, poor quality, easy to fall ill. Increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide, promoting photosynthesis and optimizing vegetable growth are the special functions of carbon dioxide generator.
Based on this situation, our company has developed and produced the latest generation of "Futeng" carbon dioxide generator. Futeng carbon dioxide generator is an important agricultural greenhouse product, which can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, increase the intensity of plant photosynthesis, make seedlings strong, shorten the seedling period, increase yield, improve quality, and enhance the disease resistance and erosion resistance of crops.
JDW-150 carbon dioxide generator adopts the latest high-efficiency strong blast burner technology. Umbrella-shaped nozzle burner can make gas fully mixed with air to produce pure carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) which can effectively discharge a large amount of pure carbon dioxide and output strong warm air. It is especially suitable for greenhouse (greenhouse) application in China.
The lightweight and durable fuselage material is made of high quality galvanized sheet with anticorrosion and high temperature resistance. The other parts and coatings are made of high temperature resistant anticorrosive materials.
Microcomputer automatic controller The computer processing equipment of carbon dioxide generator can work automatically. The operation is simple, and the carbon dioxide generator can be ignited by switching the switch.
This carbon dioxide generator is safe and reliable in performance. It completely eliminates many kinds of hidden safety protection functions.
Power-off protection function: Once the power supply is cut off, the carbon dioxide generator will turn off immediately and cut off the gas path.
Wind Pressure Protection Function: Once the fan stops turning, the carbon dioxide generator will turn off immediately and cut off the air passage.
Protection function of accidental extinguishing: When the carbon dioxide generator accidentally extinguishes during the reburning process, the gas path will be cut off immediately.
High temperature protection function: When the temperature inside the carbon dioxide generator body is too high, the carbon dioxide generator immediately stops working and cuts off the gas path.
The multi-purpose carbon dioxide generator with environmental protection and economy can not only effectively discharge a large amount of pure carbon dioxide, but also output strong warm air, which greatly increases the temperature of greenhouse and can be used as heating equipment.
Usage method
After confirming that the CO2 generator is not damaged and installed correctly, turn on the switch of the CO2 generator.
(1) The motor starts to run and cleans up the residual gas.
(2) Automatic pulse igniter ignition
3. Opening of solenoid valve
(4) Carbon dioxide generator is ignited and started to work.
Carbon dioxide automatic controller can be used to control the operation of carbon dioxide generator. Connect the carbon dioxide controller with the carbon dioxide generator. (For specific instructions, please refer to the manual of automatic controller)
Close valve of gas tank
Turn off the power switch of the carbon dioxide generator
Unplug the carbon dioxide generator
Installation method
Open the package and check all parts for damage. Follow the following steps to install. After installation, please dispose of the packaging materials in an appropriate way.

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