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Double side net cowshed fan

name:Double side net cowshed fan




time:2017-2-22 15:43:16

                                  Double-sided net animal husbandry fan


Key words: double-sided net animal husbandry fan
Product characteristics:
The air volume is large, not deformed, constantly cracking, and the air volume is always the same.
Fan bearings are imported double-row bearings, special waterproof design, so that water can not enter the bearing, high strength, low noise, long life, maintenance-free;
Hot-dip galvanized column and galvanized protective net are used to prevent rust during use.
The belt adopts imported belt to ensure service life and maintenance-free.
CNC fluidized production, accurately grasp product quality, achieve the highest level of the international industry, beautiful appearance, long-lasting use effect.
Product applications:
This product is widely used in animal husbandry and breeding sites, with good cooling effect and strong ventilation and ventilation capacity.
Technical parameters:

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