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Stainless steel circulating fan

name:Stainless steel circulating fan




time:2017-2-22 16:02:14

   JHF-500 Circulating Fan


Key words: special circulation fan for greenhouse
JHF Series Special Circulation Fan for Greenhouse
_The motor adopts special motors specially designed for greenhouse environment with high efficiency and energy saving. National Standard, fully enclosed, safe and long-term operation in high temperature and humidity environment.
_Destructive test of the whole machine after 360 hours in laboratory
_The fan blade is stamped with light aluminium sheet, which has the characteristics of large angle, large air volume, light specific gravity, low noise and anti-corrosion. With special motor, low energy consumption, large air volume and long air supply distance can be achieved. Save energy consumption compared with similar products at home and abroad
The shell is made of 304 type stainless steel material with advanced integral collector design and CNC punch die stamping. The appearance is bright, delicate and never rusty.
The front and rear safety net cover is beautiful and safe.
◆ suspension fastener: die stamping, made of stainless steel material, beautiful outside, safe use, free angle adjustment, more convenient installation.
Through the ISO 9001 quality system certification_high-tech international advanced energy-saving technology and thermal automatic protection system, the product has a life of more than 12 years, with low energy consumption, high efficiency, high wind capacity and other advantages;
The machine is equipped with a new type of suspension fastener, which has the characteristics of smooth operation, stable wind direction, no back and forth swing, low noise and so on.
Technical data of JHF-500 special circulation fan for greenhouse:

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