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Industrial air cooler

name:Industrial air cooler




time:2017-2-24 16:14:58

Key words: industrial air cooler
Product Recommendation:
_Frequency conversion speed regulation, motor speed regulation is smooth, the whole machine runs smoothly, and the effect of power saving is better.
_Easy to operate, suitable for places with different requirements for air volume or refrigeration capacity;
The body is made of high strength and weatherproof polymers, which is resistant to UV, corrosion, aging and deformation.
_Professional design of axial-flow fan, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption;
_High quality fully enclosed aluminium shell motor, good heat dissipation, high protection level;
Open water distributor is used to make the water flow uniform and smooth, and not easy to block.
_The use of high-efficiency evaporation filter, evaporation efficiency, cooling effect is good, easy to clean.



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