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FRP negative pressure fan

name:FRP negative pressure fan




time:2017-3-3 15:24:46


Key words: FRP fan, FRP horn mouth fan
Product recommendation
Widely used in animal husbandry, factories, etc., mainly as ditch fans, side fans, which can effectively remove dirty gases such as NH3, H2S and moist air in manure ditches and breeding houses, and eliminate sultry, smoke, exhaust gas and dust in factories.
Product characteristics
_The outer frame and wind blade are made of FRP moulding, which is beautiful and durable.
_The fan is directly connected with the motor, which is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.
◆ the blades are calibrated by precise dynamic balance, and the operation is stable, with large air volume and low noise;
_Synthetic PVC louvers, fly-proof and air-proof backflow based on the principle of downstream air flow;
Specially-made high-performance low-speed strong motor, reliable quality, long service life, better use effect.

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