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TH-Roof Fan

name:TH-Roof Fan




time:2017-7-19 16:52:25


TH-Roof Fan Product Characteristics:
1. the whole machine is made of all engineering plastics, which is characterized by firmness, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, low noise, smooth operation and long service life.
2. The machine features airtight, windproof, rainproof, automatic heat preservation, cooling, easy to open.
3. Imported and domestic high-quality motors with superior performance and 250W blade diameter of 400 mm, air volume of 3500-4000 cubic meters and appearance diameter of 600 mm x 300 mm are adopted.
4. It is widely used in pig and cattle breeding, ventilation in polluted workshops and heat and humidity drainage in high temperature greenhouses. It is a special equipment for sewage discharge and cooling.

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